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** Friends of the Woodland Public Library **
Woodland Public Library 250 1st Street, Woodland, CA 95695

October 6, 2020

Hello friends! Important news!

At the last meeting of the FOL Board of Directors, we voted to support Measure R and actively work to make sure this vital Measure passes this November. This Measure renews a funding source adopted several years ago that will sunset, or disappear, if not renewed in November 2020. The original decision to authorize a quarter cent sales tax was adopted in June 2014 by Woodland voters. That funding source will be on the ballot in November for renewal and your Board of Directors urges you to vote yes on Measure R and help with the campaign to support Measure R.

The funding for the Woodland Library receives from that sales tax has been critical to the continued success of the mission of the Library. Funding is used to provide dynamic and creative early childhood education projects such as Storytime in English and Spanish and childhood literacy projects. Funding is used to support and create an inclusive learning environment for education and lifelong learning opportunities for children and teens, including homework help, book club facilitation, outreach at Fourth and Hope, and Teen Advisory Board projects. Funding from that revenue source is used by the Library to fund and support the Square One facility, a technology-based mentor-led learning environment.

This critical support for the library by the citizens and voters of Woodland is instrumental in allowing the library to engage in civic and community activities and to support projects such as summer reading that enrich our community. Please support Measure R in November and help the Woodland Library continue to be the essential element of our lives.

For those of you who want to contribute to the effort to support Measure R directly, you can make contributions to Woodland Residents for Measure R at 1605 Camino Way, Woodland, CA 95695. FPPC#1429828.