Jamie Hudspeth

"Galesteo Goes to the Library"

Saturday, June 2

9:30 Meet and Greet

10:00 Author Presentation

Jamie Hudspeth has been a Woodland resident for 45 years.  She taught English at Lee Jr. High and Woodland High School and is now retired.  During her first years of retirement, two new cats joined her household:  Galesteo and Don Gaspar.  Her young grandchildren showed great affection for these two cats and loved visiting them.  Then the cat Galesteo changed all their lives as he decided to visit the library one day.  Fortunately a young neighborhood girl recognized him when the librarians put him outside in hopes he would return home.

With this rescue his adventure became an essential story, describing his amazing adventure in the Woodland Public Library.  

Thus began the series of Galesteo and Don Gaspar books for children.  Mrs. Hudspeth wrote the stories, all involving Galesteo's various adventures, and used her grandchildren's illustrations to reflect their artistic talents and interests in the cats.  The books were self-published starting in 2010, the latest published in 2017.  Two of the grandchildren dominated the illustrations and participated in the story ideas.  They are acknowledged on the book covers.   According to Mrs. Hudspeth, to share a project like these children's books with grandchildren is a true cat's meow!!