~*~ Book Donation Guidelines ~*~

The Friends of the Library gratefully accepts donations of gently used books, recorded books, DVDs and magazines. Donations should be clean and in good condition. 

The Woodland Public Library accepts donations on behalf of the Friends during its open hours.

We cannot accept:

  • Encyclopedias or dictionaries
  • Instructions books and manuals (How To)
  • Bibles
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books and collections
  • Textbooks over 10 years old (We do accept teacher’s manuals)
  • Marked up books
  • Dirty, worn, yellowed, mildewed books
  • Electronic equipment of any kind

If you need a receipt for tax purposes, the Friends will provide one. We cannot, however, assign a dollar value to your donation.

2021 Book Room Times:

10 am to 1 pm Tuesday
1pm to 4 pm on Thursday
10 am to 2 pm on Saturday

Book sales are on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at the times listed below unless otherwise noted.

All sales are held in the Friends Book Room.

Entrance located below left of steps to Main Library Entrance, Woodland Public Library 250 First Street

~*~Friends of the Woodland Library Book Sales ~*~

The logo of the Friends of the Woodland Public Library.